Detailed introduction

So you might have already noticed my love for building digital products, but this isn't something I was bugged very recently. Infact, I've been learning technology since the age of 12.

A college dropout, born and raised in Dharavi (Asia's largest slum). Started my professional jouney by working at a small-scale Jeans factory for almost a year when I was 17/18. After some stability, I began working on full-stack web applications for learning. Developed various projects with different tech stacks and open-sourced them all. Continued doing this for more than 2 years.

Got my first job offer as a front-end developer from People Interactive ( when I was 19. At the moment, I'm a member of Kognitos' technical staff where we're building an OS for rapid automation and innovation fueled by AI and a Natural Language interpreter. Learn more about my work experience in detail here .

My other interests include literature, history and philosophy.